To create a great service culture is to ensure effective communication with end-users. A clear service- oriented approach in any organisation remains a winning formula.
From customer care in Corporate set ups to service in the hospitality industry, our thorough Communication skills training gears your brand -force to deliver exceptional service.

Corporate  Service Training:

Our Corporate Service Training emphasizes product knowledge, service customization and relationship building in service personnel.

This training is well tailored for frontline personnel and Call Centers within the banking and telecommunications sectors.

We energize your personnel to deliver outstanding service experiences.

Focal points include:
•    Professional Etiquette
•    Product Knowledge
•    Understanding the Clientele

Hospitality Service Training:

Interaction and sustained relationship are core tenets of the hospitality industry.

Our hospitality Service training feature is designed to mend fractured communication frameworks within the industry and improve service staff’s communication skills.

This Training is targeted at Hotels, Restaurants and Private Service staff.

Focal points include:

  • Management Consultation sessions
  • Defining Service & Communication
  • Professional Etiquette and Presence (Verbal skills & Body Language)
  • Appearance as a Communication tool
  • Understanding the Clientele